The music recommended by science to increase our productivity


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"Without music, life would be a mistake"  - Friedrich Nietzsche

Just as music helps us overcome our limits in sports, it can also increase our daily productivity.

Music and brain performance

Several studies from the University of Birmingham in England show that listening to music is an effective way to increase our productivity, especially when it comes to dealing with repetitive tasks such as reading our emails or working on an Excel file...

But what about tasks that require our full attention and concentration, such as writing an article, coding, learning, memorizing, etc.? What music is the most suitable in these cases?

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, instrumental music is the one that increases our concentration and productivity the most. Conversely, music that contains lyrics is generally the one that distracts us the most.

Speech activates the part of our brain that processes language, and it is this same part of our brain that we use to write, read and learn. This double use of our cognitive resources then reduces our concentration and limits our mental performance.

Of course, the conclusion of this study does not apply to everyone. Some people stay productive despite the lyrics of the songs they listen to. In my case, however, I notice a sharp drop in my productivity when I listen to this kind of music.

If you're like me, you'll find below a non-exhaustive list of instrumental music that I listen to while working. They help me concentrate and increase my productivity.

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I have categorized them and indicated in parentheses what they help me accomplish.

Relax (writing | coding | learning | reading | meditation)

Beat (code | creative work | editing)

Electro (code | creative work | editing)

Background noise (write | code | learn | read)

Background noises are particularly useful to me when I want to be in flow quickly.

Soundtrack (write | code | learn | read)

Classical music (writing | coding | learning | reading)

Application (writing | code | learning | reading | meditation)