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In this article, I will introduce you to 130 positive psychology phrases. Positive psychology helps you increase your self-esteem and achieve full happiness.

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The mind is a very powerful tool that serves to transform our reality and our environment.

Therefore, it is important to recognize that positive thoughts and beliefs make words have a great effect on our well-being and help release the emotional stress that we accumulate inside.

It is not about denying the existence of difficulties, but about putting into practice some strategies that provide greater motivation to live happier and healthier lives.

In this sense, positive psychology phrases energize, present a different side of situations, enhance feelings and, ultimately, energize our body. So that you find the inspiration you need, in this article, I will present 130 phrases of positive psychology.

Today is going to be a good day
Today is going to be a good day

1. Short positive psychology phrases

The term positive psychology emerged at the end of the 1990s, from the speech presented by the president of the American Psychological Association (APA), Martin Seligman, at the world convention of psychologists in 1998.

However, ancient philosophers and psychologists, such as Aristotle or Carl Rogers, already made reference in their research work to the need to focus on psychology as a means to enhance the healthy and positive aspects of human beings and, in this way, raise their satisfaction and achieve full happiness.

In this sense, one of the best strategies to discover our potential is to use positive psychology phrases that help raise self-esteem

In addition, short positive psychology phrases serve to remind the brain that not everything is bad and that it is very important to stay positive at all times.

Next, let's see a selection of the best short positive psychology phrases:

  1. The true secret of human existence is to know what one lives for. Dostoevsky.
  2. A joyful life is an individual creation that you cannot copy from others. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
  3. Love is a micro moment of warmth that you share with other living beings. Barbara L. Fredrickson.
  4. The good life is a process. Not just a state of being. Carl Rogers.
  5. Love and happiness are to people what water and sun are to plants. Jonathan Haidt.
  6. There is no day more valuable than today. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  7. People need each other. The sooner we learn it, the better. Erik Erikson.
  8. Life is not about having more, but about living. Nick Vujicic.
  9. Being vulnerable does not mean weakness. That myth is very dangerous. Brene Brown.
  10. The best exercise is to be honest with yourself. Sigmund Freud.
  11. As long as you know who you are, you don't have to prove anything to anyone. Anonymous.
  12. Find the joy within you and the pain will go away. Joseph Campbell.
  13. Turn each wall that appears into steps to climb. Anonymous.
  14. Remember: everything is learned by trial and error. Walter Rioso.
  15. You should always open your mind, before your mouth. Aristophanes.
  16. Birds can stay in their nests, but their wings aren't made for that. Anonymous.
  17. If you can inspire someone, you are already great. Kobe Bryant.
  18. You have more value than you think. Dale Carnegie.
  19. A thousand forests are born from the simplest acorn. Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  20. What you really want, then it will be. James Rouse.
  21. Learn from the past, take advantage of the present and prepare for the future.
  22. Life is a fluid and changing process, in which nothing is fixed. Carl Rogers.
  23. When I accept what I am, I will become what I could be. Lao Tzu.
  24. The most dangerous words are "never", "everything", "nothing" and "always". And it's because they never leave options. Walter Rioso.
  25. Good things always happen. We just don't see them. Anne Wilson Schaef.
  26. In life, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. John Maxwell.
  27. Walk towards the sun, and the clouds will follow you. Walt Whitman.
  28. Fears do not stop death, but life. Elisabeth Kubler Ross.
  29. Give yourself a chance. Aaron Beck.
  30. Grab ideas while they last. Santiago Ramón y Caja.
  31. The message you send is not always the one that is received. Virginia Satyr.
  32. The only thing that is certain is that anyone can improve their well-being. Carl Rogers.
  33. When I open myself up, I am more effective. Carl Rogers.
  34. Everything is impossible until someone does it. Albert Einstein.
  35. A bright day does not depend on the sun, but on your attitude. Anonymous.
  36. Don't be afraid to be wrong. Stars are born from chaos. Charlie Chaplin.
  37. If you want to find who will change your life, you just have to look in the mirror. Anonymous.
  38. Educate children to be happy. ML.
  39. You are never too old to have new dreams. CS Lewis.
  40. If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade. Popular proverb.
  41. Happiness is not a “something”. It comes from your actions. Anonymous.
  42. Positive attitude is stronger than any drug. Patricia Neal.
  43. If you give your best, you won't regret it. George Hallas.
  44. All people can change themselves. Albert Ellis.
  45. The triumph of people arises from the ashes of mistakes. Pablo Neruda.

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2. Positive psychology phrases for children

Effective emotional education should be promoted from early childhood so that boys and girls learn to manage their feelings, attitudes, mistakes and emotions.

Although there are many strategies to reinforce virtues in children, positive psychology phrases are very practical, since they are easy to remember and internalize.

In addition, they can raise their self-esteem, strengthen their values ​​and help them establish better personal relationships.

Now, let's see some special positive psychology phrases for children:

  1. It's always worth fighting for what you want. Anonymous.
  2. The better you feel about yourself, the less you will have the ability to show it. Robert Hand.
  3. Choose your own adventure.
  4. Loving yourself is the best adventure you will have in life. Oscar Wilde.
  5. We will always be proud of you.
  6. You are amazing and special.
  7. You are not responsible for emotions, but you are responsible for what you do with them. Jorge Bucay.
  8. Changes come with a jolt. Do not think that it is the end of the world, but the beginning of something better. Anonymous.
  9. The wise seek wisdom, the foolish think they have found it. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  10. It's never too late to be what you want to be. George Elliot.
  11. In life, you can always choose the version of you that you want to be. Carl Jung.
  12. Nothing happens by chance, nor is it all about luck. Behind every small success, there is a dedicated effort. Don't be afraid to fight for your dreams. Richard Bach.
  13. There is no greater happiness than accepting oneself and trying to be better every day. Carl Rogers.
  14. Education is what survives when you forget what you learned. BF Skinner.
  15. People don't fail, they just give up trying. Og Mandino.
  16. If you don't like something, just change it. And if you don't get what you want, then change your attitude. Maya Angelou.
  17. If you never do what you love, you will never know what could have been. Amy Winehouse.
  18. Revenge makes you equal to your enemy, but forgiving him makes you a better person than him. Francis Bacon.
  19. You will always be what you choose to be. Carl Rogers.
  20. Everything looks better when you look at your heart. Anonymous.
  21. If you want a different result, do not always do the same. Albert Einstein.
  22. Positive people turn their challenges into obstacles. Anonymous.
  23. Always take care that what you do, say and think are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi.
  24. Try to make your smile change the world. But never let the world change your smile. Michelle Stiles.
  25. Recognize that not everyone thinks the same, and that doesn't have to be a negative thing. Howard Gardner.
  26. To live is to be born every moment. Erich Fromm.
  27. Trusting yourself is not synonymous with success, but failing to do so is a sure failure. Albert Bandura.
  28. Intelligence is what you use when you don't know what to do. Take advantage of that gift. Jean Piaget.
  29. When you accept yourself as you are, you can begin to change. Carl Rogers.
  30. Patience is bitter, but its fruits are very sweet. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  31. When we educate the conscience, the world will begin to change. Claudia Orange.
  32. The most important thing is not to always be safe, but to learn to tolerate insecurity. Erich Fromm.
  33. The first virtue of happiness is learning to face the unknown. Jacques Lacan.
  34. The best use of life is to spend it to be happy. William James.
  35. Nothing can be done without hope. Therefore, optimism is the force that leads to achievement. Helen Keller.
  36. Learning something new will always be a great gift. Even when pain has been the teacher. Maya Watson.
  37. What you should be, is what you gradually become.
  38. Almost everyone thinks of changing the world, but few people think of changing themselves. Alexei Tolstoy.
  39. Happiness is not a destination, it is the path. Anonymous.
  40. Become the best you can be. Carol S. Dweck.
  41. It is important that you thank each day for the wonderful things in life. Barry Schwartz.
  42. Ideas are important, but experiences are better. Anonymous.

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3. Positive psychology motivational phrases

Words have the great power to destroy or create. In fact, there are phrases that have the potential to improve our day to day life, since they give us an additional boost to see the circumstances in a more positive way.

In this section you will see a collection of motivating phrases of positive psychology that serve to inspire you to improve your self -concept and the perception you have of life:

  1. True gratitude goes beyond a simple “thank you”. It is about accepting that there is a source of goodness in our lives. Robert Emmans.
  2. Crises are opportunities to make profound changes. Paul Romer.
  3. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched: they are felt with the heart. Helen Keller.
  4. When you start to believe in yourself, not even the sky will be your limit. Anonymous.
  5. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you always learn. Ben Alone.
  6. Life gives the same circumstances to pessimists and optimists. Only the latter know how to manage them better. Martin Seligman.
  7. Although the world turns grey, when I look at people I am always optimistic. Carl Rogers.
  8. If today were the last day of my life, I would ask myself: is this the last thing I want to do? If the answer is no, I will know that something needs to change. Steve Jobs.
  9. Laugh every day and you will not have wasted a minute of your life. Anonymous.
  10. When hopes arise, the heart knows very well what to do. Haruki Murakami.
  11. What doesn't kill you, surely makes you stronger. Nietzsche.
  12. The best way to know what will happen to you in the future is to create it with effort. Abraham Lincoln.
  13. There is no better way to forget the bad things in life than to always remember the good things. Mark Amended.
  14. Do not despair. Every day brings with it new options. Martha Beck.
  15. When you get used to positive thinking, you realize that you have amazing potential. Zig Ziglar.
  16. Stop imagining and start living the life you've wanted. Henry James.
  17. If you get used to having a passive mind, you will never find your true potential. Jean Piaget.
  18. In love and in madness there is always some reason. F. Nietzsche.
  19. When you change the way you see things, the things you see will change. (Wayne Dyer.
  20. Fill yourself with positive thoughts. Remember that our life is the result of the dominant thoughts. Emma Goldman.
  21. The important thing is not to stop feeling emotions, but to know how to handle them to make the most of them. Jonathan Garcia-Allen.
  22. Persist until you succeed. Consider every obstacle that comes your way as a challenge.
  23. Life deserves to be lived to the fullest. There will always be ups and downs, don't be afraid. William James.
  24. Within the difficulties lie the true opportunities. Albert Einstein.
  25. Life has no limitations other than those you impose on yourself. Les Brown.
  26. When you are happy you can make others happy. Anne Frank.
  27. Winning is not everything, but having the desire to win is. Vince Lombardy.
  28. If you can change your mind, you can change the world. William James.
  29. Learn to laugh in any situation. Take it as a motivation to increase your strength. Joe Brown.
  30. Let your optimism wear strong boots and be very loud. Henry Rollins.
  31. The only difference between a bad day and a good day is the attitude you have towards it. Dennis S.Brown.
  32. Never forget that when you think positive things will happen. Matt Kemp.
  33. Don't cry because it happened to you. Laugh because she happened to you. Dr. Seuss quote.
  34. All things are difficult until you make them easy. Thomas Fuller.
  35. Happiness is not out there for you to find. The reason for that is that she is within you. Sonja Lyubomirsky.
  36. If you refuse to give up you can always achieve victory. Napolean Hill.
  37. Life is like good jazz. If it is improvised it is much more intense and better. George Gershwin.
  38. Psychology cannot tell people how they should live their lives. However, you can guide them to seek effective and meaningful change. Albert Bandura.
  39. The year has 365 days. You decide whether to live them to the fullest or waste them on complaints. Bertrand Regader.
  40. Stop looking back. It's not where you're going. Emilio Valcárcel.
  41. When you cannot change the situation, accept the challenge and change yourself.
  42. If you have the will, the time, and a positive mindset, anything is possible. Roger Clemens.
  43. A day has 1,440 minutes. In other words, there are 1,440 possibilities of doing different things. Les Brown.

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