70 phrases of humanistic psychology


In this article, I have selected the 70 best sentences of humanistic psychology from Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and other researchers.

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There are many psychological models that throughout history have tried to explain the behavior and the human mind. In this sense, humanistic psychology was born in the 20th century, at the hands of Abraham Maslow and other researchers, also known as person-based psychology.

It is an approach that highlights the importance of understanding the human experience, including emotions and perceptions, in order to live successfully through self-actualization.

This paradigm replaces the traditional view of human beings as basically rational and logical people, who can be understood isolated from their physical and social environment.

In this article, I have selected the best 70 phrases of humanistic psychology, in which individuals are conceived as a whole, capable of thinking, existing and with unique and individual emotions.

1. Famous phrases of humanistic psychology

Starting in the 1950s, a new paradigm emerged in psychology: the humanistic.

This vision is based on existentialism, which posits that we are capable of changing and developing by nature. In addition, it is also based on phenomenology, which is why it recognizes that everyone lives different experiences and interprets them individually.

It is not an isolated branch of psychology, but rather complements the study of individuals as integral beings. Next, I leave you a selection of famous phrases of humanistic psychology:

  1. Try to be a man of values, ​​and success comes by itself. Albert Einstein.
  2. All the consequences of your actions depend directly on your value scheme. Anonymous.
  3. The goal of education in life should not be based only on acquiring knowledge, but also on learning human values. William S. Burroughs.
  4. Greed is a bottomless pit, and it only stirs up people who never reach satisfaction. Erich Fromm.
  5. People who are aware of their prejudices are on their way to eliminating them. Gordon Allport.
  6. Death only causes fear to those who have not had time to live. Victor Frankl.
  7. Schizophrenia is only understood when despair is understood. Ronald Laing.
  8. The one who has a lot is not rich, but the one who gives more. Erich Fromm.
  9. Selfish people don't love anyone, least of all themselves. Erich Fromm.
  10. World peace begins with the health of the spirit. Anonymous.
  11. People must spend some of their time unlearning what they don't need and learning what they haven't been taught.
  12. Life is so fast that the changes are noticed when they are already disappearing. Victor Frankl.
  13. Talking about humanism and denying man is a lie. Paul Freire.
  14. Humanism and going back to human roots is an antidote to the poisons that were installed before Christianity. Simone Weill.
  15. A humanism based on falsehoods does not serve to understand the essence of man. Alfonso Tailor.
  16. Existentialism indicates that man can always achieve fulfillment. Jean Paul Sartre.
  17. What is humanism? Nothing but love for men, just that. Thomas Mann.
  18. A well-ordered humanism places respect for others before self-love. Levi Strauss.
  19. Nationalism is a kind of sect. It is an idolatry that can lead to madness. Erich Fromm.
  20. The personality is hidden in the specific acts and within the individual. Therefore, the personality “is” and “does”. Gordon Allport.
  21. Although we are individual beings, we cannot fail to recognize that we belong to an integral collective.
  22. It is the decisions, and not the conditions, that determine who we really are.
  23. Live each day as if you had a second chance and, by the way, always think that you already had a bad time. She takes advantage of every moment. Fritz Pearls.
  24. The meaning of a good life is to have helped others find meaning in their own lives. Erich Fromm.
  25. Love transcends the physical form of the loved one to deepen into the spirit itself. Victor Frankl.

2. Carl Rogers Humanistic Psychology Quotes

One of the most prominent psychologists of the 20th century was Carl Rogers. He is one of the great leaders of the humanistic movement and the creator of the famous "client-centered therapy", whose results changed the approach of psychoanalytic therapies.

His foundations were based on the fact that each person is good by nature and that he is capable of solving her problems to determine the course of her destiny.

Next, I leave you the most significant phrases of humanistic psychology by Carl Rogers:

  1. When I look at the world I am pessimistic, but when I look at humanity, I am optimistic again.
  2. The essence of creativity is novelty. Therefore, there is no standard to judge it.
  3. It is the client himself who knows what hurts him, what he wants to bury and the path he wants to follow.
  4. The good life implies living the moments fully.
  5. The humanistic approach does not give people more power, but never takes it away.
  6. No one can know how we really feel, but ourselves.
  7. When you discover that you deserve to be loved for who you are and not for what you appear to be, you will discover that you deserve love and respect.
  8. There are as many real worlds as there are people on Earth.
  9. The good life is a process. It is a state of being, not a direction, but the entire path.
  10. Healthy behavior is unpredictable, while neurotic behavior is totally predictable.
  11. No other person's idea has as much validity as my own experience. Therefore, its frequent error or reliability is always open to verification.
  12. If only he was more open to the world, he was good enough.
  13. Facts are not always the friendliest. However, each experience, each piece of life brings us much closer to the truth.
  14. I am not perfect, but I am enough.
  15. Ask yourself daily: am I living a life that satisfies me and deeply pleases me?
  16. The most curious thing is that when you accept yourself as you are, you will begin to change.
  17. There is direction, but there is no destination.
  18. Loneliness is that great barrier that prevents a person from uniting with their true inner self.
  19. The only way to understand other cultures is by acquiring the frame of reference of those cultures.
  20. Each man must fully assume the way of resolving internal conflicts, for which society took responsibility.
  21. People are as wonderful as the sunset, only if you let them be.
  22. Growth in life only occurs when people confront their problems, struggle to solve them, and by that struggle develop new skills, abilities, and insights.
  23. The only learning that influences behavior is self-discovered, self-appropriate learning.

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3. Abraham Maslow Humanistic Psychology Quotes

One of the main founders of humanistic psychology was the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. This magnificent researcher left great contributions in the field of study of the mind and human behavior.

Furthermore, he maintained that no one achieves self-realization if their basic needs are not met. This is known as Maslow's pyramid of needs.

These are the most famous and interesting phrases of humanistic psychology by Abraham Maslow:

  1. Most people can be better than they really are.
  2. The strangest truth to believe in life is that true fear arises from the fear of our own success.
  3. A good society always rewards virtue.
  4. If you plan something less than what you are really capable of, you will most likely be unhappy all your life.
  5. It is that a satisfied need is no longer a need.
  6. The fact is that people are good. If you give people security and affection, they will give you security and affection.
  7. If your only tool is a hammer, you will try to solve each of your problems like a nail.
  8. A main component of mental health is the ability to be and live in the present moment.
  9. We could define therapy as a search for value.
  10. In life, I have learned that the novice can see errors that the expert does not see. It's just about not appearing naive and not being afraid to make mistakes.
  11. What needs to be changed in a person is the conscience itself.
  12. One can choose between security or growth. Growth must be chosen over and over again. Therefore, fear must be overcome over and over again.
  13. It is not normal to know what we really want. In fact, it is a strange and complex psychological achievement.
  14. A perfect therapist always acts as if growth is possible.
  15. Children do not need to be taught to be curious, they are by nature.
  16. People should pay more attention to their own tastes. Many do not.
  17. Self-realization is the intrinsic growth of what exists within the organism. To be more precise, it is the awareness of what the organism itself is.
  18. When the need for self-esteem is satisfied, a feeling of self-confidence, strength, worth and self-sufficiency is born that allows you to be useful to the world.
  19. A musician can play, a poet can write. What a man wants to be, he can be.
  20. As incomes rise, people strive to achieve goals they would never have dreamed of years before.
  21. Growth and improvements can come from where you least expect it. For example, of pain and conflict.
  22. I can feel a little guilty about the past or even apprehensive about the future. But only in the present can I act.


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