How to overcome mobile addiction?


To avoid all the consequences of cell phone addiction, this article is going to give you the best advice to overcome this addiction.

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Today, it is rare to see someone without a mobile phone in hand, this instrument has become an indispensable tool in our current society. However, the continued use of the phone, either by sending too many messages, using social networks excessively, or spending all day making calls, can trigger a serious addiction.

Becoming addicted to the phone implies greatly narrowing our range of action in social relationships, increases our stress levels enormously, and alters sleep rhythms.

To avoid all these consequences, this article provides you with the best tips on how to overcome mobile addiction.

Many people with mobile phone on hands
Many people with mobile phone

Prevent mobile addiction

The mobile phone or smartphone has become a powerful tool for socializing and exchanging information. Many of our interactions are done through this device and we can even strengthen personal ties only with the use of the mobile phone.

All these factors contribute to the fact that there are more and more cases of mobile addiction, this is defined as the unhealthy need to be aware of the screen of our smartphone, to check our social networks and our messages or WhatsApps.

A person addicted to the phone can spend hours looking at the screen, thus distorting their perception of time. It is important to prevent this type of dependency and detect when we are abusing the mobile phone, in this way, we can achieve a healthy and constructive relationship with this device.

Control phone use

A very effective way to prevent mobile addiction is to control when we are using it. As I have mentioned before, many people lose track of time looking at their phones and that facilitates addiction.

We can set schedules, leave the phone on silent during study or work hours, control the moment in which we have started to use the mobile...

Find outdoor activities

Occupying our time with other types of tasks distracts us from being all the time looking at a screen, it is important to strengthen and strengthen ties with people face to face, go out and enjoy the scenery, exercise... many of these activities they give us the levels of dopamine that the phone tries to give us through the barrage of interactions.

mobile addiction treatment

It is probably already too late. That, without realizing it, we have become addicted to the phone and it gives us a certain feeling of discomfort to spend a few hours without being aware of the mobile. If we see that we have developed a certain hook to this device, it is time to learn how to overcome mobile addiction.

How to get rid of mobile addiction

In the first place, we must observe to what extent we are addicted, that is, at what level does it affect us to have the phone at hand or not, how long we are without looking at it, how many experiences we miss by being aware of the mobile... Once the seriousness of the problem, we will have to learn to live without this tool, at least during certain specific moments until we completely emancipate ourselves from the mobile phone. In order to remove this addiction or dependency, we will have to do it little by little, through a gradual change in our behavior and in our use of the telephone.

The problem with this addiction is that we can't get to "unhook" completely, the mobile is a practically indispensable tool in our society. That is why the treatment to overcome this problem will aim to learn to make good use of our phones.

If we notice that the addiction does not improve and it is a problem that prevents us from having healthy personal relationships, we may have to contact a professional.

Telephone addiction in adolescents

Mobile dependence appears in one way or another depending on the combination of many factors, one of which is age. Depending on the moment in our lives when we generate addiction, we will have to try to solve it in one way or another.

In adolescents, the complication at the time of treating this addiction lies in the use that adolescents give to social networks. Young people spend a lot of time in their lives pending interactions, likes, and virtual friendships.

That is why the treatment aimed at adolescents will have as a cornerstone the fact of fostering interpersonal relationships and building their self-esteem based on their own image and not on the opinions of others.

Phone addiction in adults

In the case of mobile phone addiction in adults, the causes of this problem may be due to the procedures carried out through said device. Adults, especially those dedicated to business, use the telephone for the vast majority of procedures, to call, communicate administrative decisions... That is why, in your case, the treatment will focus on delegating responsibilities to other means and looking for other ways of communication.

It is worth mentioning that the use of the telephone varies according to the individual and their personality, although, in general, these differences exist between generations, it can be the case of adults addicted to social networks or adolescents with other types of obligations. That is why the treatment to overcome a telephone addiction will always be focused on the specific needs of each person.

If there is something that all the treatments to combat mobile addiction share are to encourage outdoor activities and face-to-face personal relationships, it is important to remember that we must not leave behind the screen-independent lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative, I have no authority to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. I invite you to visit a psychologist to treat your particular case.