50 Examples of skills of a person


In this newsletter, I will show you 50 examples of skills of a person and how you can find yours and develop them.

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The skills of a person are the set of capacities with which they are equipped to do something correctly and easily. The word ability comes from the Latin word habilitatis, which refers to being skillful, that is, being able to perform an action satisfactorily.

For example: a person who can speak fluently in front of a large audience.

Skills are, then, those characteristics that a person possesses when executing an act or making the decision to exercise their will for the benefit of an objective. 

The abilities have the power to be developed, although there are also theories that place them in the range of the innate, that is, that they are specific to the individual and come with their birth.

For example: a boy who can play the piano from the age of two, and shows a remarkable precocity for music.

1. Skill types

There is a categorization of skills depending on their gender and their impact on the life of the individual.

They are:

  • Social skills. They are those that are related to community life and the relationship and contact between people. Subjects with social skills tend to function efficiently in groups, easily managing the tensions and conflicts that may arise. For example: a man who is an excellent host and makes all the guests at his parties feel pleased.
  • Personal skills. They are those that refer to the things that most intimately define an individual, also called “basic skills”. In general, they are common to most human beings. For example: a girl who acquires the ability to communicate her thoughts with words, that is, who develops her linguistic ability.
  • Physical skills. They are those that are related to the body and its performance in various tasks. They are associated with coordination, strength or the ability to perform bodily tasks with great productivity. For example: a sportsman who is trained and is very good at fencing.
  • Job skills. They are highly desired in companies, since they are related to the organization of time, leadership and making correct decisions so that a corporation or business can be successful and maintain good profitability and growth over time. For example: a boss who is considered a born leader and the collaborators follow his actions and his advice because he is very assertive, and his business strategies have given good results.

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2. Examples of person skills

  1. A visual artist who is capable of decorating an entire space following harmonious color patterns.
  2. A child learning to speak in sign language.
  3. A student who is very good at doing math in his head.
  4. A woman who dances classical music with great technique and in a coordinated way.
  5. An executive whose decisions are always correct and beneficial for her company.
  6. An employee in an office who gets along with everyone and is well liked.
  7. A speaker who in his presentations greatly impacts the attendees in the few minutes that his interventions last.
  8. A psychoanalyst who listens with attention and detail to her patients, significantly improving their lives.
  9. A mother who asks the right people for help in times of great pressure.
  10. A stockbroker who can make assertive decisions in high-pressure situations when millions of dollars are at stake.
  11. A cook who can prepare multiple dishes at the same time with remarkable speed.
  12. A chief of staff who leads her human resources in a remarkable way.
  13. A mediator who meets with the conflicting parties in trials and manages to reach agreements that satisfy everyone.
  14. An employee who is always one step ahead and is known for his proactivity and anticipation.
  15. A computer scientist who knows various programming languages ​​and masters them very well.
  16. A screenwriter who writes very funny episodes of a series in a very short time.
  17. A shopping assistant who does many things in the day with impeccable time management.
  18. A musician who entertains his audience for hours, making everyone ecstatic.
  19. A boyfriend who listens carefully and resolves conflicts peacefully and calmly.
  20. A seller who is an expert in negotiation and always makes wonderful deals.
  21. A journalist who can write reports for publication in depth analyzing all points of view of the news.
  22. A newscaster who can convey information naturally and fluently.
  23. An event planner who is friendly and handles obstacles with kindness.
  24. A columnist who can accurately convey the national reality in his opinion columns.
  25. A teacher who easily identifies the main difficulties of his students.
  26. A student who learns various complex concepts and relates them with admirable speed.
  27. A business leader who remembers the name and life of every employee under her command.
  28. A mother who easily identifies her children's signals without them explicitly telling her.
  29. A craftsman who can take some materials of various nature and create a beautiful sculpture.
  30. An athlete who has great self-control in the midst of the competitions in which she participates.
  31. An executive who travels to various branches of his company and adapts comfortably to new environments.
  32. A painter who looks at his creations and can objectively self-criticize his work.
  33. A doctor who is always willing to help others in times of high tension.
  34. A publisher who can easily decide which books are worth publishing and which are not.
  35. A technical director who is able to identify the weak points of the teams against which he is going to compete.
  36. A passerby who can accurately locate himself in a big city.
  37. A tourist who finds it very easy to learn new languages.
  38. A merchant who makes calculations in his mind quickly.
  39. A man who knows how to tell stories, funnily.
  40. A woman to whom motherhood is given in a very natural way.
  41. A veterinarian who gets along very well with all animals and can control them without any problem.
  42. A girl who is very fast at running and surpasses all of her classmates.
  43. A community manager who can create content for the networks in a creative and very agile way.
  44. An actor who can dominate various dramatic genres with great performance.
  45. A dancer who can perform musical pieces on any stage without feeling inhibited.
  46. A woman who generates great confidence and has many friends all over the world.
  47. A teacher who teaches with great patience until his student appropriates the knowledge.
  48. A professional who masterfully knows how to debate his arguments and points of view in discussions.
  49. A man who remains calm in the midst of tragic situations.
  50. A person who can comfort another human being with ease and effectiveness.

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