The 110 best emotional intelligence phrases


In this article, I will present the 110 best phrases of emotional intelligence. I even put together some quotes for kids and inspirational quotes on EI.

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Emotional intelligence is the ability we have to control and understand our own emotions and those of others. In fact, we can say that emotional intelligence surpasses IQ, since by being able to understand, use and manage our own emotions, we can establish better relationships, be successful in all areas of life and achieve professional and personal goals.

In this sense, emotional intelligence phrases represent a good strategy that can help you find the positive side of circumstances, to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. 

For this reason, in the following article, I present the 110 best phrases of emotional intelligence. I even put together some quotes for kids, inspirational quotes on emotional intelligence and a selection from psychologist Daniel Goleman.

Abuse. Ongoing trauma. Low self-esteem. Boxed in by pain. Fragile hearts, broken and darkened.

1. Emotional Intelligence Quotes by Daniel Goleman

The American psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman was the one who popularized the concept of emotional intelligence in his book published in 1995, and which is titled "Emotional Intelligence".

For Goleman, each person must focus on 4 basic dimensions to learn to manage emotions:

  • The self-knowledge.
  • Social skills.
  • The empathy.
  • self regulation.

Here are some of Daniel Goleman's most famous emotional intelligence phrases that we know will inspire you to learn how to manage these 4 dimensions:

  1. When people feel most comfortable is when they work best.
  2. A fundamental social skill must be the ability to express one's thoughts.
  3. The art of good relationships is based, to a large extent, on the ability we have to relate to the emotions of others.
  4. Knowing yourself is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.
  5. It is important to know how to tune in with others to experience true empathy.
  6. Almost always, the emotional mind is very childish, and the more childish it is, the more difficult it is to manage emotion.
  7. Take advantage of the fact that attention is selective so that you can concentrate on what is really important.
  8. For any business, people who resolve conflicts and solve problems are essential.
  9. In such a changing world it is better to have a lot of flexibility than more experience.
  10. There are more than 300 sponsored studies indicating that emotional intelligence matters more than cognitive abilities.
  11. Working on what we like is a true delight.
  12. Empathy is linked to an act of conscience.
  13. To anticipate people's reaction, we must first think about how we ourselves would react.
  14. True leaders always have a systemic awareness of where they are going to take their next steps.
  15. When we pay attention to our inner state, we can see what we need to change in our life.
  16. Attention to detail regulates one's emotion.
  17. One way to find creativity is daydreaming.
  18. One of the main tasks of managing emotions is to focus on what really deserves attention.
  19. Optimists convince themselves that failures are opportunities to know what to do next time.
  20. Perhaps the most essential psychological skill is that of resisting impulses.
  21. Intense negative emotions are capable of hindering any attempt to do something else.
  22. Academic intelligence does not offer the minimum tools to face the difficulties or opportunities of real life.
  23. Stress comes to “stupidize” people.
  24. If there is no selective attention, the experience turns into chaos.
  25. When it completely takes over our attention, technology dulls people.
  26. People are used to working on collective problems as if that were the responsibility of others.
  27. Free time is essential to strengthen the creative spirit.
  28. To make good decisions you have to apply feelings to thoughts.
  29. What leads to success is the combination of reasonable talent and the ability to overcome failure.
  30. At best, IQ only contributes 20% to success.
  31. Self-awareness involves a deep understanding of one's weaknesses, abilities, limitations, needs, and drives.
  32. People tend to become more emotionally intelligent as they grow older and mature.
  33. The more open we are to our feelings, the better we can understand other people's feelings.
  34. IQ and emotional intelligence are controlled by different parts of the brain. Therefore, there is no correlation between them.
  35. At least 80% of success in adulthood comes from emotional intelligence.
  36. True compassion does not imply only feeling pain for the other, but doing something to alleviate it.
  37. Don't let the noise of outside opinions silence your own

2. Emotional intelligence phrases for children

Decades ago, emotions were thought to be part of a primitive and often irrational response of human beings.

However, today, there is already enough evidence that there are certain areas in the brain that are capable of processing and managing emotions.

Therefore, emotions are considered trainable and can be learned to manage, just like other human skills. Therefore, it is essential to emotionally educate people from an early age.

In other words, special attention must be paid to the emotional education of infants.

In this sense, now let's see some phrases of emotional intelligence for children and children that will serve to teach them to face objectives and challenges with a good attitude.

  1. Prolonged emotional stress can hamper learning ability in children. Daniel Golemman.
  2. Congratulations, if you are reading this it is because you are alive. Now she starts to smile. Chad Sug.
  3. Children need to be given more questions to solve than equations to remember. Roger Lewis.
  4. The will is an intention favored by one's own emotions. Raheel Farooq.
  5. Happiness is not the total absence of problems. It is the ability to know how to deal with them. Anonymous.
  6. Success is inspired by love, discipline and responsibility. Bertrand Russell.
  7. There is only one way to live a good life: one is thinking that everything is a miracle, and the other that nothing is. It's up to you. Albert Einstein.
  8. Anger and resentment don't change the hearts of others, only yours. Shannon L. Alder.
  9. Our ability to adapt is incredible. Liza Lutz.
  10. Use the pain as a stone on your way. Do not use it to sit camping. C. JoyBell C.
  11. I shouldn't care what they say about me. I am an exceptional being. Santosh Kalwar.
  12. We live in the world where we are not educated to be emotionally intelligent. Daniel Golemman.
  13. We have two minds: one that thinks and one that feels. Daniel Golemman.
  14. Nothing is as serious as it seems, when you think about it. Santosh Kalwar.
  15. Choose your friends slowly. But when you find them, stand firm and strong. Socrates.
  16. Educating the mind without educating the heart is useless. Anonymous.
  17. It is important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the triumph of the heart over the head. It is the union of both.
  18. The skills to control our emotions are a great door to success. John Gottmann.
  19. The true search for meaning and commitment cause real pleasure. Christopher Peterson.
  20. The smartest are not always the happiest. Pablo Fernandez-Berrocal.
  21. Only with the heart can you see what is invisible to the eyes. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  22. Patience is not having a good ability to wait. It is rather, knowing how to enjoy while you wait. Anonymous.
  23. A good educator is not a jungle cleaner, but a gardener in the desert. Anonymous.
  24. What you give to children, children will give to society. Karl A. Menninger.
  25. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. Anonymous.
  26. Our attitude towards life is a reflection of the attitude towards ourselves. John N. Mitchell.
  27. Change your attention and your emotions will change. Clyde DeSouza.
  28. Knowing oneself is the fundamental principle of wisdom. Aristotle.
  29. Lessons are always learned. Cecelia Ahern.
  30. Each emotion must have its place and must not interfere with your decisions. Susan Oakey-Baker.
  31. Thinking about something does not make it true. Wanting something doesn't mean it's real. Michelle Hodkin.
  32. If you want to be happy, you must get used to seeing others happy. Anonymous.
  33. Life has its ups and downs, but we must learn to maintain balance. Daniel Golemman.
  34. Emotions can affect your performance. Anonymous.
  35. Letting go of things that don't make us happy is letting go of what will help us be better. Louis Galindo.
  36. Attitude is just as important as skill in order to be successful. Walter Scott.
  37. The things we love tell us who we are. Thomas Aquinas.
  38. It is emotions and flaws that make us more human. Clyde DeSouza.

3. Inspirational emotional intelligence quotes

Emotional intelligence, undoubtedly, is the basis for dealing with impulses and stress to improve personal effectiveness. With the following list of inspiring emotional intelligence phrases you will be able to reflect on your daily actions and on the actions you have with yourself and with your environment:

  1. My enemy told me: love your enemy. I obeyed him, and began to love myself. Khalil Gibran.
  2. Since when do you not celebrate the miracle of being alive? Erik Erinson.
  3. Feelings are the most genuine path to knowledge. Audre Lorde.
  4. All learning has an emotional base. Plato.
  5. Emotional health is more important than a beautiful body. Maddy Malhotra.
  6. Out of control emotions have the power to make stupid the most intelligent. Daniel Golemman.
  7. Emotions are a good source of information. Take advantage of it. Joseph LeDoux.
  8. Plant seeds that flourish in your life and remove the seeds of hate, anger and violence. Dorothy Day.
  9. Remember that failure is a simple event, not a person. Zig Ziglar.
  10. If you can't laugh at yourself, do you have the right to laugh at others? CH Hamel.
  11. Emotions should teach us to reason. Luc de Clapiers.
  12. Appreciate your emotions and don't underestimate them. Robert Henry.
  13. Let's not forget that small emotions are the great captains of our lives. Vincent van Gogh.
  14. People's first and simplest emotion is curiosity. Edmund Burke.
  15. A merry heart does as much good as medicine. Proverbs 17:22.
  16. The one who smiles is stronger than the one who gets angry. Japanese proverb.
  17. The more you train your awareness, the faster you will understand the dynamic between yourself and others. Amit Ray.
  18. Statistics have shown that, when chronic, the toxicity of anger is comparable to cigarette smoking. Daniel Golemman.
  19. Feelings are something you possess, but they do not define who you are. Shannon L. Alder.
  20. A leader can distribute hope. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  21. Life is like riding a bicycle: to keep your balance you must keep pedaling. Albert Einstein.
  22. The calm mind is strong, the agitated one is weak. Wallace D. Wattles.
  23. Happiness depends on ourselves. Aristotle.
  24. Until you become aware, the unconscious will direct your life and you will call it destiny. - C.G. Young.
  25. What begins with anger ends with shame. Benjamin Franklin.
  26. What matters is hard work and emotional intelligence. Millard Drexler.
  27. Emotionally intelligent people have 4 characteristics: they know emotions, they master emotions, they regulate emotions and they use emotions. John Mayer and Peter Salovey.
  28. When consciousness reaches an emotion, power comes into your life. Tara Meyer Robson.
  29. Inhale emotional intelligence and exhale civility. T. Y. Howard.
  30. Follow your heart, but always take your brain with you. Anonymous.
  31. Feeling is the bravest thing a person can do. Alfred Rufi.
  32. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. Jimi Hendrix.
  33. Man is the only creature that does not accept what he really is. Albert Camus.
  34. People in good spirits are better than inductive reasoning for creative problem solving. Albert Camus.
  35. To increase your effectiveness, look for your emotions to subordinate to your commitments. Brian Koslow.


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