Drug use: 12 negative health consequences


In today's newsletter, we're going to talk about the 12 negative health consequences that can occur with drug abuse.

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☕️ Good Morning Friends, Today we'll talk about the negative health consequences of drug abuse.

Drug use has been linked to human history. Since ancient times, the consumption of narcotic substances such as alcohol or opium has marked human societies, and has also brought negative health consequences.

There are those who defend the benefits of these substances, but the truth is that they can cause health problems, in some cases irreparable. In this article, we will discuss the negative health consequences of drug abuse.

Drug abuse

The 12 negative health consequences of drug use

Taking drugs is a personal choice that can be very harmful to us. Many people see drug use as a possibility to escape their reality, but the truth is that there are potentially very negative health consequences.

Under certain psychological conditions, psychoactive properties can be a form of mental escape, but you have to look a little further.

Next we will see the reasons why the best decision is to stay away from drugs.

1. Sudden death

There are some drugs that can cause sudden death due to overdose. Keep in mind that you can die from heavy use of substances such as alcohol through an alcohol coma, but the greatest danger is from illegal drugs.

When substances of unknown origin are consumed, concentrations can vary greatly and have fatal consequences.

2. Death due to developing health problems

Drug use usually has very negative consequences for the body. These are substances that our body must eliminate to avoid further damage.

For example, alcohol is a toxic that our body must metabolize and excrete as soon as possible, but if alcohol is drunk for years, health problems can occur. Liver cirrhosis, cancer, gout, hypertension or pancreatitis are an example of this.

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3. Neurological repercussions

Brain function can be damaged beyond repair. Psychoactive substances act by altering the way brain signals are transmitted.

The negative consequences on the health of our brain can lead to neurological sequela that, in some cases, are irreversible.

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4. Cell oxidation

A lot of drugs put our bodies in trouble. As they are toxic substances and with free radicals, our body has to make a very large effort to regenerate, getting our tissues to age.

Our skin is one of the organs that suffers in a more visible way, and it is that having an image of youth and vitality is not something that can be achieved by taking drugs.

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5. Lowering of body defenses

Immunosuppression problems are common in people who take drugs. Our body has to spend vital resources on fighting the toxic substances that enter our body, so it is easier for us to have colds, infections, etc.

Opportunistic pathogens can take advantage of this situation of immunosuppression, so using drugs is not a good idea if we want to be healthy.

6. They produce addiction

One of the reasons why drugs should be avoided is because they are addictive. If drug use were controllable, it would be much more reasonable to use them from time to time, but this is almost impossible.

Thinking that one can control the times you consume a substance is very unlikely, and in most cases trying to take drugs a few times is a fatal decision that involves many more.

7. They complicated our lives

Using drugs has many negative consequences, and not only for health. When someone takes drugs, their mind does not work the same way, and they cannot cope with many situations of daily life in the same way.

Some parts of our brain, such as those that control planning or the inhibition of primal instincts, cease to be as active, which can lead to all sorts of problems.(family, social, legal, etc.).

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8. They put your life and that of others at risk.

Car accidents or carefree or violent attitudes can cause serious problems and even death. Thousands of people have been responsible for multiple reckless attitudes that have ended their own lives or those of others.

Without a doubt, one of the places where the spotlights are concentrated is on the steering wheel. People who have taken drugs should stay away from the wheel and not drive in any case.

9. They condition your life.

A fatal drug-related accident may not end in death, but it may end in serious consequences. Many people have been involved in serious traffic accidents as a result of their drug use, which has had a serious and negative impact on their health.

For example, people who have been in a car accident and have lost mobility in their legs must use a wheelchair.

10. They may develop behavioral disorders

Using drugs can be a reason for the development of behavioral disorders. Especially in the case of adolescents, who are still developing their personality and behavioral habits, taking drugs can cause the principle of behavioral disorders.

Impulsivity is one of the main problems related to negative or antisocial disorder, some of the most representative.

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11. Family consequences

Someone who uses drugs can bring problems to their family. The repercussions are at different levels, although they may not be very evident at first.

The person who uses drugs can begin to develop a series of behaviors that can damage their relationships with the family that must be avoided. Sometimes the consumer ends up stealing money from his family to get his precious substance.

12. Dangerous friendships

Taking narcotic substances often has consequences in social circles. Sometimes those who take drugs start to stop seeing healthy friendships and start seeing people who consume like them.

This can lead to feedback on drug addiction, and in fact people who do not take drugs in many cases do not want to mix too much with this world.

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