Digital disconnection and its impact on psychological health


In this article, I will talk about digital disconnection and its impact on psychological health. I will also present the benefits of disconnection.

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The state of our psychological well-being does not come out of nowhere; it depends, in large part, on our habits, the way we spend our time on a daily basis.

Adopting one or the other lifestyle may not reveal a direct and immediate impact on our way of thinking and feeling, but without realizing it, little by little, it powerfully influences the way we experience what happens to us.

That is why, for many people who are not well emotionally or even existentially, the solution is to give up certain habits that have been wearing down their psychological health.

And one of the ways to achieve this, especially in the case of young people, is to opt for digital disconnection.

Digital disconnection and its impact on psychological health

Digital disconnection and its relationship with psychological health

It might seem banal to think that ceasing to use certain digital devices for a while brings psychological benefits.

And it is true that, at first glance, this technological "stop" looks a bit like the tendency to technophobia that manifests itself in some media and social circles: the idea that everything with a screen is intrinsically bad because it takes us away from a traditional model of life and puts us in contact with a nature that, in reality, has never existed.

However, it is perfectly possible to bet on digital disconnection based on purely rational criteria, far from manipulative or moralistic perspectives on the use of smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

These electronic devices are neither good nor bad in themselves, and their ability to make our lives easier depends entirely on the use we make of them.

On certain occasions, being able to access these products allows us:

  • to get in touch with new ideas and art forms,
  • enrich our leisure hours,
  • keep in touch with loved ones and even improve our job prospects, and that will be due to how we use those devices.

But in the same way, we can also enter into a harmful dynamic in which our social life is limited to what we do on our social networks, our references of beauty and happiness are marketing products taken from Instagram, leisure includes only YouTube videos or video games, and our way of getting in touch with other ideas happens to be to discuss on Twitter.

In these cases, and in many others that I could not describe here due to lack of space, digital disconnection makes perfect sense.

Not only does it allow us to leave behind an impoverished mental life due to repeated exposure to the same crushing practices and the same type of interactions with a screen; it also gives us the opportunity to start from scratch and learn to relate in a healthier way to digital devices.

The benefits of disconnecting

These are several compelling reasons to be away from electronic devices for several weeks during our free time (and if possible, also during our working hours).

1. It helps us refresh relationships

The same fact of taking a vacation from the use of social networks allows us to have an excuse to meet people we see little (and usually through a screen).

From the first moment, it is a valid reason to propose to meet, since it can be easily explained that we are in a time when we have decided that our social life will become almost exclusively face to face.

Thus, we can even see people with whom we have not talked for more than a year, even if we are shy and believe that proposals of this type are risky as far as they may think of us.

2. It makes it easier to have better sleep schedules

Many people have serious problems going to sleep at the right time because of the entertainment available through digital channels.

Switching from checking the cell phone from the bed to reading a little before falling asleep or even meditating is a very good way to help us fall asleep at the right time.

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3. It invites us to explore the real world.

Wherever we live, it is very likely that, relatively close to home, there are very interesting environments that we have never visited.

It is especially advisable to enter spaces where nature predominates, since it helps us disconnect not only technologically, but also psychologically.

As in the forests, seas and mountains there are fewer references to our daily obligations and routines, it is very easy to get lost in the here and now, to let our consciousness "float".

This is ideal for recharging energies and letting go of recurring thoughts about what we usually care about.

4. It predisposes us to control schedules

If you have become accustomed to using digital platforms or video games, you will know that despite all their virtues, they are real traps when it comes to time planning, because they include design elements designed to "catch us" and that we never stop consuming them.

For example, in services such as:

  • Netflix, chapters happen one after the other automatically,
  • Facebook constantly shows us content that has a high probability of capturing our attention,
  • Video games always incorporate rewards for progressing in the plot, etc.

Putting a stop to all this is a way to make a clean slate and better organize our time without letting leisure time get out of hand.

This is beneficial because, if we give in to the desire to leave everything for another time in order to keep looking at the screen, this lifestyle usually has a negative psychological impact on us, and exposes us to stressful situations.

Do you need any help?

Psychologists have training and experience to make it much easier to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

In fact, year after year, there are many persons who turn to psychological assistance professionals in search of professional support against problems such as addiction to new technologies or unhappiness linked to the misuse of social networks.

So don't hesitate to consult a specialist if the need arises and take care of your health.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative, I have no authority to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. I invite you to visit a psychologist to treat your particular case.