The 45 best phrases to connect with Nature


In this article, I'm going to list the 45 best phrases to connect with nature and understand it better. This will be a compilation of the best phrases about nature.

Nature gives us a lot, and unfortunately we have forgotten it. Without ecology, we could not have survived as a species, nor would we have enjoyed the peace and harmony that the different landscapes of the world offer us.

Human beings, however, have used and use natural resources without taking into account that many of them are scarce. 

With this, problems such as deforestation or global warming endanger the environmental balance.

Thousands of animal and plant species suffer the consequences of this lack of foresight and sensitivity to the environment.

The 45 best phrases to connect with Nature

Phrases about Nature

To raise awareness of the dangers that our planet runs if we do not take care of our environment, I have set out to compile the best phrases about nature. These are famous quotes that allow us to discover and connect with Mother Earth.

Without further delay, let's start.

1. I believe that animals see in man a being equal to them who has lost in an extraordinarily dangerous way the healthy animal intellect, that is, that they see in him the irrational animal, the animal that laughs, the animal that cries, the unhappy animal. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

A great reflection on the role that man plays in the animal world.

2. As much as you can imagine, nature has already created. (Albert Einstein)

A man of science knows that everything is already invented by nature.

3. A quiet and remote life in the countryside, with the possibility of being useful to other people with whom it is easy to do good and who are not used to being used to being help. Perhaps a job that is of some benefit and then rest, nature, books, music, love of neighbor. That's my idea of happiness. (Lev Tolstoy)

A vision of full happiness, always in the harmony provided by the natural environment.

4. In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. The trees can be crooked, curved in an extravagant way, but in any case be beautiful. (Alice Walker)

Everything has its beauty, whether it is more or less comprehensible.

5. If you want to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the heat of the sun in your hands. (Buda)

Being alive is wonderful.

6. Men argue. Nature acts. (Voltaire)

Nature has its own way of functioning.

7. The great book of nature is written in mathematical symbols. (Galileo Galilei)

The laws of biology always manifest themselves in a coherent and constant way.

8. To forget how to dig the soil and take care of the soil is to forget about ourselves. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Contact with nature is essential to know who we are.

9. Primroses and landscapes have a serious defect: they are free. The love of nature does not give jobs to factories. (Aldous Huxley)

Enjoying natural goods is free.

10. The sky is under our feet, as much as above our heads. (Henry David Thoreau)

Paradise... you're stepping on it right now.

11. Nature provides exceptions to the rule. (Margaret Fuller)

Biology always has a letter that is not explained by the general law.

12. He who loves and understands a garden will find joy inside it. (Chinese proverb)

Knowing and loving nature does us a lot of good.

13. Nature is my medicine. (Sara Mos)

One of the most effective and de-stressing therapies.

14. The worst threat to our planet is the belief that someone will save it. (Robert Swan)

If we postpone the action, we are condemned. We have to take care of the natural environment from today.

15. I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet lies in the individual consumer. (Denis Hayes)

A reflection on the economy and individual responsibility.

16. It is horrible that we have to fight against our government to save the environment. (Ansel Adams)

Governments should be the most interested in preserving air quality and combating pollution.

17. The land is where we all meet, where we all have a mutual interest, it is the only thing we share. (Lady Bird Johnson)

The only thing we should all want to take care of.

18. A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. (Maya Angelou)

Happiness is found to be innocent and pure.

19. Nature does nothing incomplete or anything in vain. (Aristotle)

Everything makes sense in the animal and plant world.

20. In nature, there are no rewards or punishments, there are consequences. (Robert Green Ingersoll)

Causes and effects, without further a thing.

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21. In all the things of nature, there is something wonderful. (Aristotle)

Everything has a part of unusual beauty and harmony.

22. The goal of life is to make your heartbeat coincide with the heartbeat of the universe, so that your nature coincides with Nature. (Joseph Campbell)

Being in tune with the natural environment is one of the best sensations that a human being can have.

23. Nature is pleased with simplicity. (Isaac Newton)

Simple and effective, this is the law of nature.

24. Nature has put in our minds an insatiable desire to see the truth. (Marco Tulio Cicero)

In ancient Rome, they already reflected on the science manifested in the natural world.

25. We can only master nature if we obey it. (Francis Bacon)

A paradox that makes a lot of sense.

26. All works of nature must be considered good. (Citron)

A good ethic because it is the ethics of creation and life.

27. In nature, things are much more separated than souls. (Georg Simmel)

Souls are united by the mere fact of being aware of themselves.

28. Nature is nothing more than enigmatic poetry. (Michel de Montaigne)

A great poetic phrase to connect with nature.

29. All art is nothing more than the imitation of nature. (Seneca)

Interesting thought of the Greek thinker.

30. Nature is the infinite combination and repetition of a large number of laws. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Great phrase about the scientific logic that follows the natural environment.

31. He who does not value life does not deserve it. (Leonardo da Vinci)

More generic phrase about the need to love and live intensely.

32. Just as the tree is fertilized with its dry leaves that fall and grows by its own means, men are magnified with all their hopes destroyed and with all their affections undone. (F. William Robertson)

A metaphor that connects us with the flora.

33. I think that having a land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anyone would like to have. (Andy Warhol)

The American artist spoke like this.

34. We can defy human laws, but we can't resist natural ones. (Julio Verne)

The great writer left famous quotes like this one.

35. Animals are good friends, they don't ask questions, and they don't criticize either. (George Elliot)

About the goodness of animals.

36. Heaven, hell and the whole world, is in us. (Henry Afiel)

We are a piece of the world, a piece of nature.

37. What can be a life that begins between the cries of the mother who gives it and the cries of the son who receives it? (Baltasar Gracián)

A pessimistic view of existence.

38. Awake men have nothing more than one world, but sleeping men each have their own world. (William Hazlitt)

About the world of dreams and how it transports us to parallel realities.

39. Death is the least of all evils. (Francis Bacon)

Stop existing, nothing more.

40. Life is fascinating: you just have to look at it through the right glasses. (Alejandro Dumas)

An optimistic phrase to be able to reflect and move forward.

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41. A great life is born from the encounter of a great character and a great coincidence. (André Maurois)

Personality collapses all borders.

42. Life is like an onion, it peels layer by layer, and sometimes it makes you cry. (Carl Sandburg)

Great phrase from this American poet.

43. Nature, looking for a formula to satisfy everyone, finally chose death, which, as expected, has not satisfied anyone. (Emil Cioran)

It can mean the end, catharsis or redemption.

44. Nature is hostile to us because we do not know it: its cruelties represent revenge against our indifference. (Santiago Ramón y Cajal)

To reflect on what we give and receive from Mother Nature.

45. Neither society nor man, nor anything else, must exceed the limits established by nature to be good. (Hippocrates)

There is a superior ethics to human ethics.

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