The 70 best phrases about Meditation


In this article, I will list the 70 best phrases about meditation, which can help you improve your physical and mental health.

The constant practice of meditation can have therapeutic benefits and a positive impact on the way we relate to the world around us and to the other beings that inhabit it, so practicing this ancient technique will help you improve your physical and mental health.

Using this technique, we can take advantage of the many positive aspects it brings us:

  • a considerable reduction of stress,
  • improvement of concentration,
  • improvement of memory,
  • improvement of emotional stability and a long, etc.
The 70 best phrases about Meditation

Meditation phrases and thoughts

Over time, many experts and thinkers on the subject have spoken about the use of meditation, but what have been the most relevant phrases?

Here are the 70 best phrases about meditation.

1. With the study of books, God is sought; with meditation he is found. (Father Pio)

Phrase of the ecclesiastical Padre Pio who tells us about the search for God through meditation.

2. In a minute of silence alone with myself, first I become aware of what I am doing, and then I can choose if I am going to look for a better way. (Spencer Johnson)

First I think, then I exist.

3. Serve, love, give, purify yourself, meditate, realize. (Sivananda)

The Hindu mystic Sivananda shows us the basic pillars of a spiritually healthy life.

4. To meditate is to cultivate new qualities and cultivate new ways of being. (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Professor Kabat-Zinn shows us an interesting point of view.

5. Those who do not meditate or have learned to be alone, live in prison with themselves and perhaps also with others. ( Sir Thomas Browne)

The English writer and doctor tells us about the importance of meditation.

6. Meditation is a mirror that reflects your virtues and vices. Farid Al-Din Attar)

Meditation is a state in which the subconscious invites us to know ourselves much more.

7. I almost dare to say that the state of reflection is an unnatural state and that the man who meditates is a depraved animal. (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

The Swiss philosopher Rousseau leaves us this controversial quote, which implies his point of view regarding society and how it relates to meditation.

8. Remain silent, let go of the conflict, become peaceful, and remember the eternal goodness that lies within you. (Wayne Dyer)

Dyer talks to us about the basic values of meditation.

9. The secret of meditation is to develop, concentrate and direct your consciousness. (Stephan Bodian)

The meditation writer for dummies explains the secret.

10. The distinctive feature of that form of being that we call meditation is non-attached and, consequently, clear perception and the predisposition to respond adequately to any circumstance that arises. (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Kabat-Zinn explains to us that using meditation correctly can bring us many benefits in all aspects of our lives.

11. Attentive breathing is a kind of bridge that connects the body with the mind. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

This famous Vietnamese monk leaves us this note on the role of breathing in meditation.

12. Meditation and prayer feed the soul. (Og Mandino)

Phrase from the interesting book, The biggest seller in the world.

13. Persistent meditation always suggests arguments against decisions; deep reflection often ends in inertia. (Auguste Rodin)

It is always important to meditate on decisions well.

14. Resurgence and meditation are the first powers of man. (Count of Mirabeau)

Even during the French Revolution, great writers talk to us about meditation and its benefits.

15. Practice meditation. It's fundamental. Once you enjoy it, you can no longer abandon it, and the benefits are immediate. (Dalai Lama)

Without a doubt, the Dalai Lama could give us a lot of advice on meditation.

16. Those men who base their knowledge on the authority of books, and not on their own meditation, are of a lower condition than the simple ignorant. (Thomas Hobbes)

Quote from the book Leviathan, written in 1651 that tells us about human nature.

17. Anyone who has practiced meditation knows how difficult it is to silence our "mental conversation" to connect with our deepest, wisest and most intuitive mind.( Shakti Gawani)

During the meditation process, knowing how to silence our inner voice can be very complicated.

18. unless meditation brings you more laughter, more joy, more spontaneity, avoid it. If it doesn't happen that way, then it's not for you. (Osho)

Meditate as long as you need it yourself.

19. Meditation is the basis of all religions. (Taisen Deshimaru)

Throughout history, meditation has always been a fundamental pillar in all religions, both current and those that have preceded it.

20. God assumes any form imagined by the devotee through the repetition of thoughts in a prolonged meditation. Although he assumes infinite names, only consciousness without any form is God. (Ramana Maharshi)

Meditation has always been an attempt to connect the mundane with the divine.

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21. Meditation teaches us to ignore distractions and to focus our attention on what we want to focus on. (Daniel Goleman)

The American writer tells us about the benefits of meditation in the focus of the mind in order to achieve our goals.

22. Meditation, in the spiritual sense in which I am using it, is the secret of all growth in spiritual life and knowledge. All the prophets, sages and saviors became prophets because of the power of meditation (James Allen)

Phrase from the book From poverty to power (1901) that gives us a lot to think about.

23. It is a mistake to believe that meditation cannot be practiced due to lack of time. The real reason is the agitation of the mind. (Anthony De Mello)

Lack of time is not an excuse not to meditate.

24. The general purpose of meditation is the same for everyone: to learn to relate to consciousness, the purest level of experience. (Deepak Chopra)

Knowing how to meditate is knowing how to relate to oneself.

25. The truth itself can only be achieved within one through the deepest meditation and consciousness. (Buda)

In the world of meditation, the teachings of Buddha must always be taken into account.

26. If I could give you a thought that you should take with you every day to the bathroom, it would be as follows: "Measured in your free time." (Henry Miller)

Funny quote from the American writer and no less certain.

27. If you move away from superfluous conversations and idle walking and hearing news and murmurs, you will find enough time and on purpose to indulge in holy meditations. The greatest Saints avoided the company of men as much as they could, and chose to live for God in their retirement. (Thomas de Kempis)

Meditation has always been very present in the Christian religion as well.

28. If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk, you breathe when you are standing, you breathe when you go to bed. (Ajahn Amaro)

Meditating can be taken to many moments of the day to day.

29. Meditation is not the means to an end. It's both the means and the end. (Krishnamurti)

You could also think of meditation as part of a whole.

30. When meditation is dominated, the mind is unbreakable like the flame of a candle in a place without wind. (Bhagavad Gita)

Motivational phrase that encourages us on our personal journey through meditation.

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31. Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. (Dalai Lama)

With meditation, we always look for the path to inner peace, perhaps that is why it gives us great benefits in reducing stress and anxiety.

32. All experiences come and go. Which witness is experiencing himself? (Mooji)

With the practice of meditation we are in the constant search for ourselves and that is why we can realize our own virtues and insecurities.

33. The affairs of the world will continue forever. Don't postpone the practice of meditation. (Jetsun Milarepa)

Don't leave what you can meditate on for tomorrow.

34. When a thought arises instead of trying, even a little, to follow it or fulfill it, it is best to first ask yourself, who did this thought come up with? (Ramana Maharshi)

Many times in life you have to stop to meditate on things to really know what you want or what you want.

35. You should not be carried away by the dictates of the mind, but the mind should be carried by your dictates. (Bhaktivedanta Swami)

Self-knowledge will help us in all aspects of life.

36. If you want to find God, stay in the space between your thoughts. (Alan Cohen)

The search for God is often none other than the search for ourselves.

37. I only know one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

The greatest freedom, free thought.

38. The spirit of meditation is fighting the weight of our own feelings. (Hakuin Hekaku)

Controlling our feelings through meditation can lead us to be much happier and more balanced people.

39. I stopped eating and drinking to meditate; it's useless: it's better to learn. (Confucius)

Confucius leaves us this quote about fasting in meditation, a practice that can be useful to us sometimes and in a controlled way.

40. Stop, look, investigate, ask the right questions, come to the right conclusions and have the courage to act according to them and see what happens. The first steps can throw the roof over your head, but soon the commotion will cease and there will be peace and joy. (Nisargadatta Maharaj)

The spiritual teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj talks to us about the mental process of meditation in search of peace of mind.

41. We do not sit in meditation to become good meditators, but to be more awake in our daily lives. (Pema Chödron)

Meditation will help us in all aspects of daily life.

42. Watching, working and meditating all things prosper. (Gayo Salustio)

In ancient Rome, the ruling class meditated very well on their decisions, since a mistake could be fatal.

43. Intuition opens its doors through meditation. (Osho)

Through meditation, we can sometimes intuit near events.

44. Philosophy is a meditation on death. (Erasmus of Rotterdam)

The development of thought channeled by meditation.

45. Without meditation, life lacks perfume, love. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Meditation is simply one more part of life, and we must appreciate it as it deserves.

46. The mind by itself can make a paradise of hell or a hell of paradise. (John Milton)

We are slaves to our own thoughts.

47. The observation of nature and meditation have generated art. (Citron)

With the use of meditation it is possible to create art.

48. Man is not made to meditate but to act. (Rousseau)

Our accelerated lives often deprive us of the ability to meditate, which has a negative impact on us.

49. Now I begin to meditate on what I have thought, and to see the bottom and soul, and that's why now I love loneliness more, but still little. (Miguel de Unamuno)

Reflection by Miguel de Unamuno on meditation and loneliness that often, if not, almost always go hand in hand.

50. When we meditate, even if our meditation is not very clear, we are performing a virtuous mental action that is a cause of happiness and inner peace. (Kelsang Gyatso)

Being able to meditate and have our own time and space can give us a good dose of daily happiness.

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51. Meditation strengthens the strong and weakens the weak. (Henri Benjamin Constant De Rebecque)

Meditation also exposes us to our own fears and insecurities.

52. Eating concentrated is one of the most important meditation practices. (Thich Nhat Hahn)

We can also take advantage of meals to meditate.

53. Religious meditation is the most intimate feeling that man can experience. (Madame De Staël)

Which is prayer, but perhaps a form of meditation.

54. It is not a great man who knows a lot, but the one who has meditated a lot. (Luigi Settembrini)

The Italian writer tells us about the value of meditation in people and the extra it brings them.

55. Meditation breaks the impetus that comes; prevention mitigates future discomfort; foresight softens the arrival of evils. (San Isidoro de Sevilla)

The saint tells us about meditation as part of the cautious man.

56. Meditation is the eye of the soul. (Jacques Benigne Bossuet)

Another important quote that tells us about our inner search through meditation.

57. The indispensable preconditions for the development of meditation on mental calm are: living in a favorable place, limiting one's desires and practicing satisfaction, not getting involved in many activities, maintaining pure morality and completely eliminating attachment and any other type of conceptual thinking. (Dalai Lama)

The Dalai Lama leaves us some practical tips for our daily life and in the practice of meditation.

58. The art of meditation consists of learning to be attentive, alert, conscious. When you are angry, don't repress yourself, allow it. Just be aware of it. Observe it as if it were something that came from outside. Little by little, you will cut off the identification with your mind. This way you will find your true individuality, your being, your soul. (Osho)

Osho tells us about personal growth through meditation.

59. I have always been very meditative, and I feel that music is like a sacrament that speaks of magnificent things. (Bonus U2)

The famous vocalist of the pop group U2 tells us about his relationship with meditation.

60. Orient your concentration towards your thoughts and calm your mind. Thoughts come and go in a matter of an instant. The mind is restless, volatile, like a wild horse that you have to tame. (José Vicente Alfaro)

The Huelva writer talks about the difficulty of silencing our thoughts at the time of meditation.

61. With this disposition of encouragement, I determined one day to take refuge in solitude and avoid any contact with men. I went to a certain place, not far from the sea. I like to hang out like this: I can talk to myself without hindrance. For those who love meditation, there are no places as many as these. (Saint Justin)

The use of loneliness and meditation has always been present in almost all religions.

62. The person who is always irritated is because he is not used to meditating. The one who lives in the fight every day is one step away from the grave. (Alex Pimentel)

Meditation is very useful in controlling anger.

63. For a man accustomed to meditating, insisting on each topic in order to make him perform his secret juice, the lightness with which the performance of man of the world slides from object to object, is a source of dizziness. (José Ortega y Gasset)

Taking our time to meditate is very important so as not to let ourselves be carried away by the hyper-accelerated life without control, which we have often been driven by society.

64. This is the goal of meditation: to reduce the illusory afflictions of our mind and even eradicate them. (Dalai Lama)

The control of our weaknesses through meditation.

65. Those wretches who can calmly enter into themselves, look, so to speak, face to face, and shake hands with the noble effusion of two loyal friends, must be very happy. (José Selgas)

Having the courage to know yourself is sometimes not pleasant, because we may discover that we are not what we thought at first.

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66. Writing is a long introspection, it is a journey to the darkest caves of consciousness, a slow meditation. (Isabel Allende)

We can also meditate by practicing writing.

67. The ability to concentrate on meditation has a lot to do with learning to think when we decide to think and learning to stop thinking when we decide not to do it. (Jon Kabat Zinn)

Controlling concentration through meditation can be difficult, but also very useful in the medium/long term.

68. These four aspects - concentration, receptive awareness, cultivation (of positive emotions) and contemplation - constitute the fundamental uses of consciousness. (Stephan Bodian)

Professor Bodian talks to us about consciousness during meditation.

69. Meditation is not something you do in the morning, and you finish it; meditation is something you have to continue to live in at every moment of your life. Walking, sleeping, sitting, talking, listening; a certain atmosphere has to be achieved. A relaxed person stays in it. A person who is letting go of the past remains in meditation. (Osho)

Live meditating as part of life.

70. The mind is the absence of meditation. When meditation comes to you, the mind is nowhere. (Osho)

To meditate, it is necessary to silence our thoughts.

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