The top 10 benefits of quitting smoking (and its effects)


In this newsletter, we are going to talk about The top 10 benefits of quitting smoking, and its effects.

☕️ Good Morning Friends, Today we'll talk about the top 10 benefits of quitting smoking and its effects.

Most smokers have ever tried to quit smoking. To achieve this once and for all, it is necessary to have motivation and, above all, a lot of willpower and determination.

Without a doubt, it is necessary to reflect on the reasons why it is better to quit smoking.

The top 10 benefits of quitting smoking (and its effects)

Reasons to quit smoking

We all know that smoking is bad, but it is not easy to give up the battle partner at first. Whether for displeasure or celebrations, the cigarette is always there if we need it.

Unfortunately, tobacco is really harmful. Below are the main reasons to quit smoking. If we stop for a moment and realize the real consequences of smoking, we will see that it is something really dramatic.

We will learn about the different benefits of quitting smoking below.

1. Escape from death

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that tobacco kills more than 7 million people a year. In addition, every smoker worsens the quality of life and countless millions of people develop a wide variety of tobacco-related diseases.

Tobacco is known to cause lung cancer. In fact, for every ten people who suffer from lung cancer, nine have been caused by tobacco.

But the relationship between smoking and cancer does not end here. Smoking can cause cancer in almost all parts of the human body: blood (leukemia), colon and rectum, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, trachea, kidney, larynx, cervix, liver, mouth, nose, throat, bladder.

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2. Preserving the health of those around us

Of the 7 million people who die annually from tobacco, 1 million of them are passive smokers. Being a smoker is a personal choice, but if we are smokers, our loved ones don't have to lose their health with it.

Passive smoke mainly affects children and the elderly with respiratory problems, but also our pets. Many cases of dogs with lung cancer have been diagnosed, while in cats lymphoma and oral cancer are very prevalent.

3. Better rest

Not many are aware that tobacco affects rest, because smoking quadruples the chances of developing sleep disorders. These sleep disturbances are mainly due to the decrease in nicotine concentration at night.

But when you wake up, the problems don't end. Smoking cigarettes makes you want to drink more coffee. Tobacco changes the body's metabolism to caffeine, causing it to break down more quickly and inducing the person to drink more coffee.

Therefore, by quitting smoking, you also have more capacity to quietly reduce the amount of coffee, gaining quality of sleep and humor.

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4. Don't spend money

Smoking is a daily expense that may seem acceptable to the naked eye, but by making calculations to weeks or months view you can understand the amount of money that is being lost.

In fact, the World Health Organization advocates raising prices as a preventative measure to make it harder for us to spend money on tobacco.

If all this daily expense could be set aside and used at the end of the year for some whim or necessity, wouldn't we have a better life? Having money for some unexpected need, a gesture for someone loved one or giving us a reward for ourselves (such as a trip) is much more positive than continuing to smoke.

Spending money on tobacco is totally lost capital, better to invest it in something positive!

5. To be younger

If health or money do not seem to be enough reasons to quit smoking, perhaps aesthetically you should also be interested.

Smoking accelerates the aging processes of our tissues. The blood vessels and the many organs suffer wear and tear, but it is the skin that manifests it most externally. The synthesis of collagen in the skin is especially affected by the free radicals generated by tobacco, so the skin loses elasticity and smoothness.

6. Don't ruin your teeth

Teeth are not friends with smoking. Smoking turns teeth yellow, and teeth that color are not attractive.

While tobacco also affects the health of your teeth, the gums suffer the most. Tobacco addiction is the cause of the development of diseases of this part of the mouth, such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

7. Smoking is a loss

Decades ago, and although today it seems like a lie, tobacco managed to be in the most prestigious marketing campaigns for most of the 20th century. Handsome Hollywood actors appeared in ads smoking, something very masculine at first, but tobacco later also meant modernity and a symbol of emancipation for women.

Far from past fashions in which smoking was seen as something very cool, nowadays, those who smoke are closer to generating pity and compassion than admiration.

It is far behind that men would like to resort to tobacco to look more men. Wanting to gain respect by smoking is almost something that some teenagers want to do to look more "bad."

The girls who smoked also sought to project independence as well as femininity, but in both cases it is increasingly perceived as less sexy.

8. Avoid the bad smell of clothes

The smell of tobacco smoke and other substances that are present in cigarettes such as tar and multiple additives still smell after smoking.

Every smoker will have noticed that after smoking in an enclosed, or even open space, the clothes are impregnated with tobacco smoke.

If a smoker can offend himself with this bad smell, there is no need to talk about how a non-smoker can dislike it.

9. Halitosis

The bad smell of cigarettes also still smells despite taking a shower and changing clothes for ourselves once the smoke has entered our body.

Bad breath is something that affects some people, but tobacco can make it worse, and also generate it. Dry mouth associated with smoking, plus irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract, are factors that affect the lack of hygiene and oxygenation of the mouth.

If we have a partner or are looking for it, it will probably not be the best smoking option. No one likes to kiss a mouth that evokes smells of smoke and ashes.

10. Enjoy the flavors of food

Smoke alters the perception of flavors. The sense of taste is reduced because the taste buds are affected by receiving less blood. The tongues of smokers have less blood flow, affecting these taste sensors.

Quitting smoking is essential to enjoy the food to the fullest, since it is necessary to avoid having the taste buds stunted with morphological and functional alterations due to tobacco.

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